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Singing Teaching

Canto: Song and Voice School


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Here is a selection of comments from pupils of all ages and, further down the page, reviews on performance.

Teaching Testimonials

"I don’t really know how to fit all this on such a small card but here goes…..I just wanted to say thank you for making these last few years such a joy. I know you will say something very modest but, honestly, singing with you has been the loveliest bit of my time at Sussex".
Harry W: Sussex University

"Had a listen to one of my singing lesson recordings today (and practised a bit!). You are such a great teacher. Hate to gush, but you are brilliant…..I feel so lucky to have found such a stunning and inspiring teacher. You really are a star!"
Rosie B

"Thank you for everything you do - you are an inspirational teacher. I'm so lucky to have met you. It's a real privilege to learn with you and watch you teach."
Hazel B (Piano, violin and theory teacher and singing pupil)

"I remember the first time, through your teaching, that I came to realise that singing the song is only a part of the performance. I aspire to carry myself like this when I perform and consider your excellent teaching a privilege for me to experience.
Thank you also for allowing me to realise that I don't have to be perfect, just sincere.
I managed to communicate to my audience and the last thought that I had when I stood up to sing was to tell them “you are going to love this”. Thank you for this little seed of communication - I found it most helpful now that I am in the right place to 'hear' what you told me."

Susan L

"I just wanted to thank you for all the singing lessons you have given me over the last year. I thought you were a truly superb singing teacher and I was delighted to discover that I can sing in tune at least some of the time! "
Brother John, Remedial student

"I would like to say thank you for all the work you do with James. His confidence has grown so much over the last couple of years and he is happy to sing for others at home, with friends and at school. He also sang in a concert at his prep school last week and reduced several mothers to tears, including his own."
Katherine K, mother of James (G8), Worth

"Thank you so much for being such a great teacher and friend! You’ve helped me so much; not only to develop vocally but also in performance and confidence and I really appreciate all that you have gone out of your way to do for me and other students. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher and doubt I will ever find one!! We will keep in contact – I will not forget you!"
Rosie T (G8,A2), ESAM

"I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to sing the Alleluia but thanks to your perseverance and encouragement, I got there in the end. I was amazed and delighted!"
Anna G (G8, A2), ESAM

"I really am so grateful for all the encouragement you have given me with applying to Oxford and the conservatoires. Not only have you been a fantastic teacher but also an invaluable friend."
Anna G, Merton College,Oxford

"You’ve been the most supportive, caring teacher possible to have and you’ve taught me so much that will help me with anything else I do in the future. You’ve helped me realise just how much I love singing and through all the technique you’ve taught me I am so much more confident and believe in myself a lot more. I intend to always carry on with my singing and hope to make you proud with my progress. I will always remember you."
Holly F ESAM (G8, A2)

"You are such a wonderful teacher and I never enjoyed music lessons like this much. I’m grateful to be your student."
Satoko, student from Japan

"May I take this opportunity to thank you for the conscientious approach you have shown towards your teaching, you imaginative flair, and the care you have shown to your pupils over the last three years."
Head of Music, Eastbourne College

"You’ve been wonderful and so committed, I really can’t thank you enough for all the extra work you’ve done – I’ll miss you next year!"
Amber G (G6, A2), ESAM

"Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. You are the best teacher I could ever have had: you have taught me so much and I have enjoyed every single lesson we’ve had. I feel like I’ve come so far as a singer and a performer and it is all thanks to your support and excellent teaching."
Martha N (G8,A2), ESAM

"I have really been engaged by your teaching: I plan to carry on with my singing and use everything which you have taught me. I have learned an awful lot from you and have really enjoyed it all."
Ruby C (G8, A2)

"You have helped me with not only developing my voice but also with my confidence, both as a performer but also generally in life. Thank you for all your support and encouragement."
Helen J (G8, A2), ESAM

"Thank you so much for a fantastic term of singing, it has been the very best part of this term!"
Tommy G (G8), ESAM

"What I wanted to say was THANK YOU very much for everything you have taught me in the last year. I enjoyed every single lesson, in fact, they were the highlight of my week. 11.00 am on a Tuesday put a smile on my face. I have learned so much as a singer… even managed to make me open myself up. My only regret is that that I didn’t start singing lessons when I first arrived in Year 12."
Louisa M Worth

"Thank you so much for all your support and generosity towards Claire; she has enjoyed working with you and has learned so much in the last two years. I hope she can find another teacher even approaching your standards!"
Parents of Claire C ESAM (G8, A2)

"Thank you so much for being such a fantastic teacher! You have really helped me this term and I am very grateful!"
Hermione W, Worth

"I do so much appreciate your inspiring lessons and I could not imagine having a better teacher than you!"
Sherrie-Anne S

Some Performance Testimonials

"Then came 'The Song to the Moon', from 'Rusalka'. This sensational singing stole the show, performed in Dvořàk’s native Czech language with theatricality, finesse and pathos. Those who witnessed Lucinda’s ecstatic final phrase soaring up to the high B-flat won’t, I suspect, forget it in a hurry.
 The second half, left as an intriguing surprise by the programme notes, brought some nostalgic melodies including 'We’ll Gather Lilacs' and 'Till There Was You', proving the best singers can be equally at home with a Broadway ballad or a Handel air. In all cases, Lucinda seemed incapable of performing with anything less than nobility, beauty and authority.

Lee R

"Just a note to say that I was at DJ's funeral yesterday with my husband and we so appreciated your beautiful singing. It was a very sad afternoon but the music gave us much comfort. 
Kathleen L

"I just had to write to say how much I enjoyed Messiah yesterday. I loved the happiness with which you sang, the brightness of your sound - your voice was clear and articulated and what came over was what a good technician you are. I also liked the grace and the simplicity with which you sang, nothing too ornamented but at the same time some very interesting and delicate ornaments where they naturally wanted to fall in the music.
Susan L

"Your wonderful performance of Mozart's Agnus Dei gave solemnity, dignity and beauty to a deeply emotional occasion; we are so grateful to you, we couldn't have found anyone better." Anna M